spring fever

I think it is officially safe to declare that spring has arrived in Portland. Today will hit the high 60s and most of the weekend will hit the low 70s. It will still continue to rain throughout the next few months but the birds are chirping so I am happy.


Shoes: Hinge // Dress: xxi // New Hair: Lauren Archer @ Entrust Hair

Last year at my mum's wedding us daughters were to wear floral prints.  I went shopping with my mum, sister and grandmother when we found this dress.  I tried it on and surprisingly enough, my mum LOVED it.  She essentially forced me into buying it as I watched my sister side-eye me. We both felt it was a little much for a church wedding but our mum wouldn't have any of it.  A few days before the wedding I couldn't bring myself to wear it.  Instead I opted for this dress which was more conservative and worked better with my sister's dresses.  Momma, I hope you're happy that I'm finally wearing it!

Happy spring, everyone!


  1. Replies
    1. Haha, I thought you would appreciate the side-eyeing comment. You know it says something when your mother is more wild than her daughters. <3

  2. Both dresses are freaking amazing. I wish I had the confidence to wear them! Beautiful. xx

  3. That is such a stunning dress! I'm jealous to hear spring has already arrived for you. It's in the low 50's this entire week in NYC - I can't wait to stop wearing tights!