Angela Thornton of M O R P H knitwear

Two years ago I met Angela Thornton, reigning goddess of M O R P H knitwear, through a mutual friend.  She walked into the restaurant wearing a delicate little antiqued chained harness over an all-black outfit.  I immediately asked her where she got to which she quipped, "I made it!"

You see, Angela is well known in the NW modeling scene for her beauty, her ingenuity and her creations.  She had been coming to photoshoots in her own handmade knitwear and jewelry far before the inception of M O R P H.  When I photographed her last year I asked for her to bring something dainty and feminine.  She came to the shoot in the most perfect hand knitted shawl.

Everything at M O R P H is created and designed by Angela.  I spent all night drooling over Siren Call, her new s/s '13 collection.  It seems rather fitting that she be the first artist I interview in a new series of people who inspire me.
morph knitwear, angela thornton
Top:  M O R P H huldra knit bustier // Bottom: M O R P H nix asymmetrical hooded vest

MPB: What is M O R P H knitwear?  

AT:  Morph Knitwear started out as an experiment- I have a constant need to be creating, and once I discovered that I could knit, and was pretty good at it, I couldn't stop. So instead of making scattered, disconnected pieces from other people's patterns I decided to create an original, cohesive line of knitwear that I would want to wear. The experiment was to see if anyone else would want to wear it too! Morph has turned into a full time job, an obsession, and a form of communication. As much as Morph is about the end product, it's also about the production process- I am very personally connected to each piece, as I'm the sole designer and creator. What it all boils down to is that Morph is my imagination and dreams taking a physical, wearable form.

MPB: Where do you draw your inspiration from?

AT: My inspiration comes from all over the place. Music (mainly heavy metal), other designers, nature, mythology, badass women I know, fairy tales, and the occult all factor in. I want to create clothing that is empowering to wear, beautiful and delicate, but also has an element of toughness, mystery and danger, so I suppose having an end goal to focus on is a form of inspiration as well.

morph knitwear, angela thornton
Top: M O R P H hefring pale grey cropped top // Bottom: eli one shoulder silver maxi dress

MPBDescribe your perfect outfit

AT: Oh man, my perfect outfit... would probably all consist of draped black things, lots of layered rings (I'm partial to big heavy ones and tiny above the knuckle ones), and silver necklaces. Not far from what I wear everyday anyway, but I'd certainly love to throw a few Rick Owens, Ann Demeulemeester, and Barbara i Gongini pieces into my closet. Texture is a big thing for me, I love clothing that feels good to wear while maintaining an element of structure and form.

MPB: If you were to use three words to descripbe M O R P H, what would those be?

AT: Dark, textural, esoteric.

M O R P H knitwear  // Angela Thornton 

You can purchase M O R P H online @ SHOPMORPH & follow them on Facebook, Twitter and  Instagram.

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