On my back + VGT

I love this outfit.  It's ridiculously comfortable and I'm in love with my Poler "The Rucksack" bag.  It's been great being water resistant and it fits my body. It has this nostalgic look that reminds me mum's old camping photos.  To be safe, I purchased these little waterproof bags from REI to enclose my cameras in.  Together they've worked perfectly!  

Here is my list of very good things.  There are the things that I am grateful for and appreciate:

♥  Morpheus is all better.  He has a great appetite and has so much energy.  I love him so much!
♥  Peanut and his sweet face
♥  A new apartment that I feel lucky to have gotten.  I had emailed the owner weeks ago but the apartment was taken relatively quickly.  Something happened that required them to back out and rather than post a new list, they emailed me to see if I was still interested!  We were accepted the second we applied for it and they didn't make us give them a application fee!
♥  Every memory I have of Romeo
♥  Three super amazing siblings
♥  The boy
♥  Cheap photographic adventures
♥  Pho
♥  My outdoor winter outfit (see above ^ )

I slightly feel like a crazy cat lady considering how much I talk about them but they really do mean a lot to me.  I've owned other cats but none have ever developed personalities like my bears.  They're talkative, social and just act like dogs.  I just wish I could take them on hikes!

Eventually I will start posting daily outfits again. It's finals week, it's pouring and I've been moving for the past  week so the outfit above is basically what I wear everyday.  ^_^


  1. What a great beauty! I love your photo :)

  2. This is amazing! Why can't this be me right now?? Beautiful

  3. I never ever thought I was going to be the person that was obsessed with her cat but I seriously have 300 pictures of my cat on my iPhone. It's ridiculous.

    THIS PICTURE IS PERFECT. I want to BE you in this picture. I love that jacket! Where was it taken? Also, Pacific North Westerner for the win!

  4. I love seeing your adventuring photos! and yay for Morpheus being better!!

  5. You're not a "crazy cat lady." You're a cat mum who loves her fur babies like a mum should. Duh. ;) <3