2012 Year in Review

I have been busy enjoying the remaining days of 2012 but I'm here now.  So while this is late, here is my kickass 2012 Year in Review (please, limit your excitement).

Author's note:  This took me a ridiculously long time to create so you better look at this otherwise we're over.  OVER, I TELL YOU.

I started 2012 right by waking up in sunny Los Angeles.  I met Addison Kowalski and I got to shoot with both Lou Bedlam and Bradley Laurent.  I wore sundresses every day, went to new vegan restaurants and I explored Disneyland for my second time.  I was even almost stabbed on the streets of Santa Monica.  It was a good month.

I celebrated my six year anniversary with Aumie, had a handful of great photoshoots, and I turned 24.  I also felt this fire ignite in me that had seemed dormant for so long.  Suddenly I just felt all these thoughts, desires and goals beginning to manifest.  I took this newly found strength and ran with it.

In March I quit PM, a company I worked at for nearly six years, to start a job as a marketing director for a locally owned medical clinic.  My boss cried and cooed, "but you're the best Miss Mae!"  It was also the  month that Romeo was diagnosed with cancer.

Romeo underwent surgery that was supposed to remove the cancer.  The doctors were optimistic and said that they had removed 99% of it.  However, after the fact they informed us that they'd advise against targeted radiation therapy as he would develop cataracts and potentially suffer from brain damage.  It was also the month that I stopped having time to exercise, see friends and finish coursework due to my work.  I found myself going out more at night to accommodate some sort of social life.  It wasn't working.

Aumie and I started going on our weekly adventures again.  I also resolved to spend more time being behind the camera and had a few successful photoshoots.  Two of my good friends got married and I got to play with my sister's litter of kittens.  My work always had soda pop so I started drinking it.  BEST MONTH, EVER.

I purchased my dream camera, had several great photoshoots and abruptly quit the medical clinic.  You watch these breathtakingly beautiful women come in every month to augment themselves, sometimes multiple times a month, and you think it won't affect you.  But it does.  You start to see people in terms of procedures and not in their natural state.  Oh, you're beautiful but you could definitely use some dermal fillers here, here and here.  Plus, my grades suffered.  I had accrued a generous savings account and decided to take the entire summer off.  I worked as a nanny all throughout high school and immediately worked when I turned 18.  I told myself, "I deserve this."  And I did.  It was great.

In July we took a road trip down Highway 101, through the Redwoods and to Lake Shasta.  Then we took a detour to Crater Lake on the way back.  It was a beautiful trip.  July was also the month that Romeo succumbed to cancer.  It was really hard on us so we just tried to leave Portland as much as possible.

PEANUT became the newest member of our little bear family!  I also went to Vegas and had several beautiful camping excursions.  We discovered new lakes and were able to continue swimming every week.  The weather was amazing.

The weather was STILL amazing.  You have to understand that for Oregon's standards, it was unreal.  Swimming in September is almost unheard of because the rain immediately rolls in.  I camped all the way up until fall term.  I also started on Henrik, my crow thigh piece.  Around this time Morpheus started getting really sick.  He lost nearly four pounds, wouldn't eat and was severely lethargic.  When we adopted Peanut in September we didn't realize he had "kennel cough" which was passed to Morpheus.  If cats cannot smell their food, they won't eat.  After numerous emergency room amounts, Morpheus ended up in ICU.  We received so much support that I'll be forever thankful for.

October came and went relatively unnoticed.  I ate a lot of candy.

November was rad.  I ate a bunch of really good food, explored eastern Oregon, hiked throughout St. Helens, snowboarded Mt. Hood and had my first day of work at a new company.

FINALLY.  December is still extremely fresh but I cut my bangs, got the Poler Napsack and wore it almost every single day, ate so much Tofurkey, went snowboarding a ton, hiked along the Gorge, drove down to the Redwoods and kissed my cats under the mistletoe.

WHEW.  I hereby dub 2012, "the year I ate a lot and went outside."  BEST.



  1. Wow, your year was definitely a rough one, filled with ups and downs, but also filled with lots of experiences and adventures. I hope 2013 brings you more good times and memories!


  2. I'm genuinely so glad I found your blog, and it was such a pleasure to read this!

    1. Thanks Michelle! I'm glad you found me, too. ^_^

  3. Thanks for sharing such a raw, hearfelt post with all of us. What a year of ups and downs... Your new guy, Peanut, is so adorable :) I'm mesmerized by your photography and just spent the last half an hour scrolling through your posts.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on my latest post. I'm currently in the middle of a bidding war on ebay for a negatives scanner but for my first roll of film, I couldn't resist getting them printed out (instant gratification at it's finest!). Do you have any scanner suggestions? Or any AE-1 tips for that matter? Oh, how I would love to rack your brain!! What camera are the majority of your posts shot with? xo



    1. Carly - it's a little expensive, but I've been using a Epson V700 the past few years & love it! http://tinyurl.com/b5mlobl

      Also, I adore this post.

    2. Hi Carly,

      I agree with Sam.. the Epson V700 is great. It's definitely the one that I would recommend.

      I almost ENTIRELY shoot with the AE-1 for 35mm and the Hasselblad for 120. I rarely use my Minolta. If you have ANY questions, feel free to ask! You can also find me at facebook.com/mypaintedbird

      Congrats! xoxo

  4. Your photos in the field with the wind turbines is amazing!!! I love everything about it!! See, wind turbines can be pretty! Have a lovely 2013!

    Emma x

  5. that was cute, you are cute.
    <3 PP
    <3 Morphy
    <3 Romy
    <3 Shauny