If you need me, you can find me in this jacket

I've been living in this BB Dakota coat since I purchased it and will soon hibernate in it.  It's amazing.  I've seen the same print being used as curtains by a man doing a DIY restoration project on his VW van which just made me love it THAT much more.  School-girl love, for sure.  

BB Dakota Coat from Nasty Gal // Shoes from Forever 21

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Also, I went back and added more photos to my Detroit Lake and Silver Falls adventure post since my film came back. Go check it out!

octobre 2012



  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this jacket! I must find one similar!!

    Now a follower, would love it if you followed back :)


    1. Girl, you can find it right on BB Dakota's website or at Nasty Gal. I advocate for everyone and anyone to own this!

  2. Beautiful jacket. I saw one like it in a dark blue, black and grey at Urban Outfitters last year this time! This one is way better.


  3. I don't blame you for living in that jacket because I would too. The pattern is gorgeous and it looks so cozy! And your post just reminded me of my goal to own a VW van in the future. :)

  4. You are the bee's knees, my darling. That coat is perfection.

    Also, make my blog pretty. I'll pay you in hugs and an eventual visit once I arrive on your coast in 2 months.

  5. I couldnt have said it better myself! ^ You ARE the bees knees!
    I also love all of your tattoos. I know I always say that but every time you post I discover new and beautiful ones!

    tiana of l'esthetique

  6. BB Dakota seriously makes the cutest coats. I definitely have one from them :)
    I feel like we would enjoy shopping together! hehe especially since we have the same taste in shoes too ;) yay for steve madden sneaker wedges!


  7. that is one very beautiful jacket!


  8. Gosh I am envious of that gorgeous jacket wrapped around you! I am also jealous that it is cold enough where you are to wear something so fabulous! Where I live in Australia it doesn't have a very cold winter. Such a shame! Pop back and see my newest posting from the weekend as I'm dying to hear what you think! Love Barbie xxx


  9. I doubt anyone could wear that coat as well as you do, but it's a gorgeous coat, and I want one!

  10. I have the same coat! I'm so freaking in love with it, haha. It's awesome :) xo

  11. I have the same jacket (as you can probably see in my profile photo. It seriously is the best jacket ever! I am so happy about my purchase!

  12. Is that last image at Detroit Lake? It looks like that in the winter. It is insane! Kindof scares me to think about the entire bottom of a lake being thousands of stumps.. Something about it creeps me out. hah!