Cave exploring and too film cameras

I've been dealing with an unsightly amount of stress lately.  Cats, living situations, school, and  transportation issues have all just added to a general feeling of uneasiness.  Still, there are Very Good Things that I love, appreciate and help make me happy.  These remind me how much I am still in awe of the world.

♥  Cave exploring with too many Moria references
♥  Male bubble butts
♥  The Steve Madden 'Olympiaa' Wedge Sneaker
♥  Your face
♥  Morpheus's nightly cuddles & Peanut's morning headbutts
♥  Giving the cashier at Zupan's the candy I purchased to brighten his day
♥  Apple rum cider
♥  Girls night out

What are you grateful for this week?


  1. apple rum cider and girls night out?!?!? where was i for this :(

  2. that cammmeraa.... and apple rum cider! had that last night

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  3. A bunch of super shitty things happened last week, but instead of thinking of those ::

    -my husband surprising me with flowers & candy for our anniversary
    -Indian food dates with new friends
    -late night visits from old friends
    -fall weather starting!

    1. Happy anniversary! Also, I could probably eat Indian food every night. It's one of those foods that I ALWAYS crave.