Breaking up with inanimate objects

I spent all  morning going through three closets, two dressers and three boxes of shoes from my last move.  I am really hoping to move out of my apartment soon so the less I have to move, the better.

Luckily, it's really easy for me to let things go (YAY, I'M NOT A HOARDER).  I throw anything I haven't worn recently into a pile to reevaluate in a month or just donate.  I'm even guilty of hiding the beau's unworn shirts or his shrunken jeans.  No one needs over thirty comfort shirts.  No one.  If it's been over six months and he hasn't looked for them, I'll ask him if I can donate them to a  Naked Lady Party*.  The girls love his clothes.

Today that pile turned into a gigantic garbage bag filled with some unloved but mostly loved clothing.  Sometimes it's like breaking up with someone.  It's not you, you lovely hot pink Betsey Johnson dress, it's me.  It's not that I don't like you, I've just changed.  I need to move on.  There are plenty of other ladies in the sea.  You'll find a companion again.

I'm hosting a Naked Lady Party next week to let my friends have first peek. If there is anything left of worth, I'll post them here.  Recycle, recycle, recycle.

*Naked Lady Party (aka Switch and Bitch) is when you gather up unwanted clothes,  get together with your lady friends, throw everything in a huge pile and take whatever you want. You see it first, it's yours. It's awesome.


  1. I totally need to host one of those parties. I have so much stuff that doesn't fit anymore or that I impulse bought & never wore!

    Also, Pan collars FTW.

    1. QUICK, FLY TO PORTLAND! I have so much shit. I got rid of at least two bags a few months ago with clothes that I still wore. I just wanted to start fresh.

  2. Does traffic stop for you as soon as you leave the house? Ding

  3. love your style! and especially this necklace! xx


  4. I want Aumie's shirts! all mine are soooo vintage, they're disintegrating! I'll sew them to fit me, even though he's not too much bigger than me anyways :)

  5. Wow those pants are perfect! Love your outfit from head to toe! The colors you chose are very pretty! :)


  6. OH MY WORD. Stop being so adorable and wearing Peter Pan collars and making me want to hug you.

    p.s. I'm hoping to come to Portland next week (TBA on the day) and, if possible, it would be so lovely to get dirty chai together.