One of my absolutely favorite people in this whole enormously huge world and I recently shot together.  Johanna is so photographically brilliant it blows my mind.  She knows what she wants and every time we shoot she executes it to perfection.  I love this girl.


She came over after work and we drove up to the Portland Rose Garden.  We had about an hour until the sun moved past the West Hills and rose garden became shaded.  She had just one roll, 12 darling shots, loaded in her Mamiya C330.  Off we went.


I dropped off the film for her the following day and picked it up for her three days later.  Being unemployed sure does have its benefits.  

I think what makes me most excited about being in front of a camera is seeing the evolution of the photographer's experience.  Everything from watching their faces as they frame the shot, adjusting me, and just loving how it ends up.  It's all magnificent to watch.  

You can see more of Johanna's work here: Johanna Rene Lindsey


  1. Wow. All those photos are gorgeous. Johanna has a great eye. [/jealous]

  2. She is so brilliant! I've had the great privilege of shooting with her and being shot by her. She has the copyright on most of my FB profile pictures.

  3. I just saw this!! Thank you, you are so sweet :)