A few weeks ago I posted the sad news that my cat, Romeo, had been diagnosed with cancer. Since then he saw a surgeon who successfully removed 98% of it. Unfortunately, it came with side effects that will stay with him the rest of his life. He has lost the inability to blink on one side of his face but cats are ridiculously amazing and he's already adjusted. His "third eyelid" has completely taken over.

He also looks like the Terminator after one side of his face got blown off.

He's also far more cuddly now than he was before surgery. If you know him that I am sure you realize how ridiculous that sounds but it's true. Romeo is more cuddly and needy than EVER. He has been my little spoon almost every single night since he came home.

I don't even need a boyfriend anymore!

Still, even though they removed 98% of the cancer there is still that 2% embedded in his face. We were going to start targeted radiation on him but the doctor recently explained that he would definitely develop cataracts and that there is a possibility he could suffer from slight brain damage. If we decide not to do the radiation then the cancer could either grow or spread to his organs. They said it's not a matter of will it come back but where will it come back. It's really great that they waited until after the surgery to tell us that.

The thing is, Romeo is a happy cat right now. His vitals are great and he's as chirpy as ever. I don't want his standard of living nor his happiness to diminish. I want to save his life, not ruin it. Plus, there is even the chance that radiation wouldn't benefit him at all. However, if we decide not to do radiation then that's it. There is no going back if he actually starts getting sick. I don't really know what to do right now but I'm leaning away from the radiation. It's just an extremely sad situation. Animals shouldn't suffer from human diseases. It's just not fair.

I mean LOOK at how adorable he is. Look at it. He's sitting underneath a painting of himself and on top of a unicorn blanket. We're meant to be together.

Did you know that Romeo is actually the baby in the family? This is Morpheus, my old man who has the most perfect little face. I have been trying to be conscientiousness of not ignoring him. Unlike Romeo who never misbehaves, Morpheus will pee on my silk dresses or shoes if he is mad at me. He also drools a ton and his ear is slightly wonky which all together makes him another soul mate of mine.

Keep wishing us luck. I sincerely appreciate all of your kind comments, messages, and calls. 



  1. I just cried a little bit reading your blog, my doggie died a little over two months ago and I can't get over it. It hurts to much because they are like your family, I had my doggie for 12 years and it broke my heart knowing she was gone.

    The best of everything for your Romeo, he deserves the best he can get.

    1. Aw, sweetheart, I know. I lost my dog, Daisy, in 2006 and I still cry about her. I think I told you this when you told me about your pup but it is almost peaceful knowing that they never ever leave you. They just become a part of your heart. <3

  2. awe im so sorry to hear that romeo's situation has no positive outcomes. im a firm believer in not prolonging an animals suffering just to keep them around for our own sake. i wish you guys luck and hopefully i can come by sometime and meet romeo <3

    1. Yeah, I definitely agree that I do not want him to suffer. Right now all his vitals are good and the cancer hasn't spread to any organs. He's not in pain nor is he sick so we want him to remain that way. They said the cancer could come back this year or years from now. You just never know. I just want him to have a good life.

      You can stop by whenever. :)

  3. Romeo will definitely be in my thoughts <33