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I'm always on the lookout for unique handcrafted jewelry.  I have this terrible tendency to break necklaces within days of buying it due to the poor craftsmanship and materials.  I'm not sure what they find so repulsive about me but necklaces just can't wait to escape.

Recently I ran into Isaac, owner of Alloy and File, at a pop-up shop and immediately fell in love with several items.  He crafts all of his jewelry from broken cymbals.  They're both durable and gorgeous.  I nudged Santa-Tabha that I liked them and several days later I woke up to an Alloy and File filled Christmas.

MPB: Tell us a little bit about Alloy and File.

ID: Alloy and File is something I have been working on for the past four or five years. I had piles of broken cymbals and a lot of time on my hands so I decided to see what I could do with them. I started out by simply cutting the cymbals into what I thought were neat shapes with no intention of them being worn as jewelry. Then I made a few pairs of earrings and some necklaces and gave them to friends. They seemed to like them so I continued making pieces and giving them away. Alloy and File was established about a year ago and everything I create is still handmade out of used cymbals.


MPB: What is your conceptual and design process like?

ID: I work out of a small shop in my house in St. Johns, a small neighborhood in Portland, Oregon. It also houses my wood shop and my motorcycle hobby shop.


MPB: Where do pull your inspiration from?

ID: There are a lot of shapes that I work with as a carpenter that come through in my jewelry designs. I've replicated the leaded glass windows in my house and I'm always drawn to architecture for inspiration. I'm also fascinated by religion, mysticism, cults - general weirdness filled with interesting iconography.


MPB: What projects can we see from Alloy & File in 2014? 

ID: This year I'm going to focus on creating a solid line of pieces while still finding time to fulfill custom orders. I'm also planning to design pieces for men - something I've never done before!


MPB: Where can we find you? 

ID: For custom orders, ideas, questions, or if you have broken cymbals you want to donate, email me here: alloyandfile [at ] gmail [dot] com
Tumblr: alloyandfile.tumblr.com
Shop: Etsy.com/shops/alloyandfile
Instagram :  @alloyandfile

Isaac lent me some pieces so I could play photographer in the studio this past weekend.  Models are my elvish sister and my talented friend Hanna.  Thanks Isaac!

PS. As I type this I am rocking his Arrowhead Earrings and a custom DEATHLY HALLOWS pendant that he made me.  I'm in heaven.


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