Ava Bear

I've been conflicted for the past seven years and I think it's time that I come clean.  From elementary school till junior high I never had a cat.  We had rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, a turtle and dogs but we never any cats.   I avoided cats like I avoid spandex as pants.  My first experience with the feline species left an awful lasting impression.  My neighbor adopted a she-devil kitten that she named "Spaz."

Spaz was the worst.  She would wait in the darkest parts of their house and attack me the second I walked past her.  Claws and little fangs out, she would literally ATTACH herself to my legs.  I'd walk back to my house crying and bleeding once the ferocious beast was pried off of me.   So, with my earliest memories of feline demonic children, it's no surprise that I developed a strong dislike and a fear of them.  In fact, she made me hate cats so much that I told all everyone that I was allergic to them so they had to stay far away from me.  It was miserable.

Then my parents divorced and we moved.  A few years later I went back to my old neighborhood and went for a walk with a friend.  There I met her.  The cat that changed everything.  She was a sweet black abandoned kitten that wouldn't stop following us.  I changed my story so much that night to gain acceptance from my mum to keep her so I don't exactly recall the full details.  I just know that my friend and I swept her up, took her home and I drove her to my house the next day.  I named her Tofu.  Several cats followed her.  Then I moved in with Aumie, Morpheus and Romeo.  This is where I think people have become confused.  Everyone seems to think that I am JUST a crazy cat lady.  No, friends.  That's Aumie.  I love both cats AND dogs.  The truth is, I just wasn't allowed to have a dog until now...

MAY I PRESENT TO YOU, AVA MARIE.  The little bear cub that I adopted on Friday, January 18th 2013.


She is Cattle Dog and Golden Retriever. She was born November 21st, 2012 and she's my favorite.  We went and hiked Mount Hamilton in Washington.  She successfully walked .5 miles of it and was carried the rest of the 7 miles.  Naturally I am a bit horrified that she'll get picked on by the other kids or that she'll be a terrible teenager.  Only time will tell but so far she's great.  I'm going to start obedience training with her soo and socializing her with other pups.


  1. More pictures, more pictures!! :)

  2. What a cutie! We taught Penny fetch as soon as we got her. Taught her sit, drop it, and fetch all in one. And tug :) It was super easy to teach and even easier to reinforce because Penny's life would be empty without fetch lol.

  3. Ahhh your new puppy is so cute!!! I just discovered your blog and I love it! Can't wait to see more of your beautiful photography :)