Yesterday I met with an oncologist to discuss the quick acceleration and growth of Romeo's cancer.  I was essentially told that we have done the best that we could and there are no more options left to take.  We just need to keep him comfortable and loved... which we have always and will always do.  He has been cuddling Amitabha and I so hard like he is trying to do the same.  He has been constantly resting his head in the palm of our hands while he sleeps.  Last night he slept with me for hours as a little spoon, head in my palm, as I hugged him closely.  Cancer seems to target the most undeserving subjects. I think this is what it feels like to have your heart broken.  


Thank you for all your well wishes within the last two months.  Both Amitabha and I sincerely appreciate them.  I'm trying to keep my head up but it's hard.  It's so hard.

Thanks, everyone.


  1. Watching those you love suffer is the hardest. About all we *can* do is love them when alive and remember them when dead.

  2. I know the feeling. Losing my dog a couple of months ago broke my heart.