On Saturday we were on our way to Pro Photo Supply when I quickly changed my mind and altered the course.  My thought process was this: what if there just happens to be a mint condition Hasselblad staring up at me from the glass shelf and I had to walk away from it?  I would be ridiculously bummed out.  I've wanted one for years.  Plus, my distaste for window shopping turns me into a total pouting asshole when I actually want what is in the window but can't have it (in general I just don't do well when I don't get my way).  I decided to take us on a little adventure instead.  However, on the drive home the beau wanted to just "quickly" stop by at look at camera bags.  In we went.

Then, among all the other used cameras sat this Hasselblad 501CM with all of her original gorgeous components and in pretty pristine condition.  My knees went weak and I swooned.  I'd describe it as a similar feeling when you meet someone you instantly connect with.  You lock eyes and you know it's over for you.  You'll have sleepless nights if you choose to ignore it.  I like to dream.  I left with her.

Could I have found a cheaper one online?  Probably.  Would I have purchased it?  No.  There is something undeniably horrifying to me about purchasing used gear online.  Unless I can physically hold it and inspect it myself, I just won't purchase it.  I can't put that much trust into an online retailer.  Plus, it was actually one of the better deals I've seen.  Behold, my new lady:


I also just purchased the new Chrome Niko Camera Bag.  I'm excited to have something I can carry all my cameras in now (I think I'm up to four cameras that I use regularly: Nikon D7k, Polaroid Sx-70, Minolta X-370/Canon AE-1 and my new lady).  

I'm devouring everything I can about her.  If you have any helpful hints, feel free to send them to me!  


  1. Drool! So incredibly jealous. Can't wait to see the photos that come of her. Great find, by the way.

  2. if you can afford it (and find one locally), i highly recommend a prism finder like what i have on mine (http://www.flickr.com/photos/save_alkaline/4399295439/in/set-72157622525490078). it's so much easier to see what you're focusing on plus you don't have to look down into it which gives you a lot more freedom in framing your shot. i also have an architectural screen which gives you grid lines. you would be surprised how useful that is. enjoy the 'blad! (i'm currently in grumpy mood with mine as 2 of my 3 backs need repair and resulted in losing a ton of good shots).

    1. The lady actually came with a prism finder! What is your favorite film? Right now I'm trying out Kodak's Ektar but I also grabbed a few other test rolls. I need to get at least one more back!

    2. Oh, good deal on the prism finder! I've been shooting a lot of Ektar as well, though I'm looking forward to playing with some Velvia soon. For shooting people, I also really like Kodak's Portra.

  3. I'm currently saving up for one. I miss shooting with medium format film.
    Can't wait to see what you capture with it!