Ukudaily Love

My good friend Hanna Robin has been posting a new video every day over at Ukudaily since August 2011.  She just completed her 178th video last night which is insane and amazing.  If you give Hanna a new craft or performance piece, she won't stop till she has perfected it.  Since I've known her, she has always tried to encourage me to start a new hobby or craft (see: infinity scarf, poi, clay plugs, the ukulele itself) and I'll try SUPER hard when she's around.  But once she leaves my dedication withers up and dies.  Or it just gets shoved in a drawer never to resurface again.  Then there are those times I  immediately stop because I'm not picking it up naturally.  

A few months ago she asked me to sing in a few ukulele videos with her.  I'm an awful singer and she knows it.  All these years of singing exceptionally loud in cars and in showers has taught me nothing.  I cannot carry a tune and I don't understand how to change the inflections in my voice.  Still, Hanna was super sweet and somehow got me to say yes.  I asked her if we could sing classic Disney songs and a few oldies and she jumped at the chance.  

Therefore to my four* readers of Painted Bird, BEHOLD my horrible voice** and awkward fidgeting.

* One of my four readers is in fact, Hanna
** I would actually say I am doing more talking than singing


  1. Wow! I can't believe it... we are just four people?!!
    I already watched these videos on your tumblr. Absolutely amazing and funny!!
    Hanna is incredible!! I'll follow her blog!

    1. I think now we're up to eight. ;)

      I'm getting kind feedback over on Tumblr from these posts but no one actually has a blogspot themselves.

      Thank you, love!